Dianne Linderman

You may not realize that in your own neighborhood, lives a family of interesting people. David and Dianne Linderman have done just about everything most people only dream of and are famous for the incredible quality of everything they do.

Dianne loves three things more than anything in life: kids, cooking, and animals.

Her very interesting life story full of unusual adventures will be available in Dianne’s book coming out soon, “Everything That Matters, in Life, Business, Parenting, and Cooking”.

David is not only a master designer and builder, but his love of building and restoring classic cars is top notch.

David Linderman

The Lindermans began working with young people 39 years ago. The idea was to put unwanted animals together with unwanted kids. Caring for the animals taught these kids a work ethic that saved their lives. 


After several years full of many fascinating adventures, they invited 10 of these young people to become partners in their company, "The Great American Entertainment Company". 

As partners we have become the best of the best in the rodeo, fair and event industry. We travel all over the country sharing our love of animals and agriculture. 

The Great American Entertainment Company Crew

Six years ago, the Great American Entertainment Company moved its home base from Oregon to Stephenville, Texas, purchasing a 50-acre ranch. Great American Lone Star Ranch will be open to the public soon for Ranch Tours and a Cooking Academy for Kids called, “Kids Can Cook”We also renovated six beautiful vacation rentals, and we are now going to create a wedding venue at our Great American Lone Star Ranch.

David and Dianne have owned three famous restaurants in Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon. Their restaurant on an organic farm was written up in Sunset Magazine as one of the best places to eat in Oregon. Texan-born Dianne brings healthy, delicious, and made-with-love meals back to the kitchen table.

Children of the Great American Entertainment Company owners enjoying a beautiful day at the ranch

Don’t forget, you can buy Dianne’s cookbooks on Amazon or pick one up with your Fresh Frozen Dianne’s Ranch Diner meal. 

We look forward to serving our community and hope you enjoy your Dianne’s Ranch Diner meal.


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