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4th of July Specials!

Drive-thru or dine on our front lawn 

Order ahead for 4th of July. 

Honey Soy BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

SMALL: $13.95 (feeds 1-2)

LARGE: $35 (feeds 4-6)

The flavor is incredible. Perfect for the whole family as you celebrate Independence Day together! A guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Corn Salad


I love making corn salad with  fresh basil, tomatoes, and onions and a white balsamic dressing, yum!

Dianne's Jalapeño Potato Salad 


It's no secret that Dianne makes the best potato salad you ever had. But wait till you try her Jalapeño Potato Salad... It will knock your socks off!

Dianne's Famous Pasta Salad


Dianne’s pasta salad has been famous for many years and for good reason. 

Melon Salad


 Fresh delicious cantaloupe and honey dew melon, with strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and watermelon... My favorite!

6 Cheddar Butter Biscuits


 Made with whole wheat pastry flour, real butter, and lots of freshly shredded cheddar cheese. Oh, so delicious! 

Red, White and Blackberry...

You have never had desserts like these! All are home-made, from scratch and with love...

Cherry Pie

Whole pie - $22.95

Homemade crust. Delicious cherry filling. An all American favorite!

Blackberry Pie

Whole pie - $22.95

Homemade crust. Blackberries are always a favorite and this incredible pie is sure to please!

Dianne's Famous Cheesecake

Whole cheesecake - $25

When Dianne and her husband David had their three famous restaurants in southern Oregon, this cheesecake was one of her most famous desserts. People came from far and wide to sample the deliciousness... and now its back, just in time for Independence Day!

Main Dishes

SMALL feeds 1 to 2 people... $13.95

LARGE feeds 4 to 6 people... $35

We don’t skimp on our ingredients. We use plenty of cheese and meat, and our servings are large.

Dianne’s Famous Chicken Pot Pie

You haven’t had chicken pot pie till you have tried this. Chicken is so tender and flavorful—with peas, onions, garlic, celery, parsley and Dianne’s special blend of herbs and spices. Topped with a flaky delicious crust. You have to eat it to believe it! 

Dianne’s (soon to be famous) King Ranch Chicken

This is Dianne’s newest creation and it is out of this world! Layers of perfectly seasoned shredded chicken thighs, sautéed bell peppers, fresh corn, hand shredded cheese, corn tortillas, and just a few jalapeños for a tiny bit of heat. You have to try it!!!

Dianne’s Famous Baked Chicken, Potatoes and Carrots

This dish is famous for a reason. It’s like grandma used to make. You will truly enjoy Dianne’s Famous Baked Chicken with red potatoes and carrots in a simple sauce of balsamic vinegar and Dianne’s special mix of spices. This may be your favorite of all our meals.

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie is traditionally made with lamb, however in our recipe we use ground beef. This is one of my favorites. Layers of ground beef, peas, carrots, and a thick topping of mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese make this Shepherd’s Pie a Texas Comfort Pie!


I may not be Italian, but this is one of the best Lasagnas ever! Layers of meaty spaghetti sauce, lasagna noodles, and real mozzarella cheese, topped with parmesan cheese.  Very cheesy and sooo yummy!!!!

Cowboy Stew

This stew is so hearty and delicious. Big chunks of meat, potatoes, carrots, and spices cooked for hours in a tomato-based sauce until the meat falls apart. Your family will love this stew. You will not be disappointed. Yum!

Dianne’s Jambalaya

You will love Dianne’s take on jambalaya. She uses jalapeño sausage made right here in Texas that has no preservatives or nitrates in it. Between the sausage, chicken, Texas shrimp and really delicious rice, and some great cajun seasonings… YUM! Give some Jambalaya a try. You may get addicted! 

Mexican Stuffed Peppers

Huge fresh-picked green, red, yellow, and orange bell peppers, stuffed with a combo of rice, ground beef, fresh salsa, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese. Sooo hearty and the best ever…

Dianne’s Famous Meatloaf and Homemade Mashed Potatoes

Our newest special! This is the best meatloaf ever! Even people who don’t like meatloaf fall in love with this meatloaf. Comes with incredible homemade mashed potatoes, and delicious gravy. YUM!

Mexican Mac-n-Cheese

Delicious salsa and jalapenos are added to the Mac-n-Cheese to make it (a tiny bit) spicy. Homemade using hand-grated cheese – it’s super hearty and will stick to your ribs. 

Three Cheese Mac-n-Cheese

Need I say more after I say, Three Cheese Mac-n-Cheese? This will keep the whole family happy! 

Sweets... $12

Dianne’s Famous Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Our delicious, healthyish homemade chocolate chip cookies are made with whole wheat pastry flour, real butter, and the best chocolate chips on the market. These cookies are even better after the dough has been frozen and you thaw them to bake fresh at home. 

Dianne’s Famous Fudge Brownies

OK, we all need chocolate in times of stress. These Brownies are not only decadent, but they are not bad for you either. We make these with oat flour and dark brown sugar. They are a little like a truffle.  Not even kidding! You must try a pan of these.

Dianne's Famous Apple Crumb Crisp

The best apple crisp you will ever have! Layers of sliced Granny Smith apples, brown sugar and cinnamon with the most delicious buttery crumbly cinnamon, brown sugar, oat flour topping. Serve with whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream on warmed apple crisp. YUM!

Food Allergy Notice: Please be advised that food may contain Wheat, Fish, Dairy, Eggs, Soy and Nuts.

Choose your meals, and call or text to order, 254-431-1108. We’ll have your order ready for pick up! We can also deliver for a small charge.


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We add new items all the time. We’d love to get your feedback, good or bad. We strive to make the most wholesome, delicious meals you can find. For questions or to order, please feel free to call anytime, 254-431-1108


If you would like to try a free taste of our menu foods, we will have them available. Stop by our Great American Lone Star Ranch, 5396 S US Hwy 281, Stephenville, TX 76401. Make sure you give us a call first so we can warm them up for you to test.

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